Under the Coke Sign

(Over the Horizon Radar)

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Hi, I'm JH and I like weird music. I also like making music. And I probably like you.
Ja, anyways, this is my LiveJournal. I use this mainly to post random blurbs.
/b/, 4/20 day, 8-bit jesus, ambient music, amusing chain-letter retorts, applegeeks, beer, bondage, buddhist angst, bursting with flavor, cats, cave nectar, creative teachers, dr. mcninja, dreaming, e-posers getting owned, encyclopedia dramatica, evil pockets, flaming lawn gnomes, flinging the devil's poo, freaky shit, fried triangles, full of internets, full-contact air-hockey, gadjuba!, geek girls, getting zaked, girls with glasses, granular synthesis, guitars, hallucinogens, israeli psytrance, kahvi collective, kombucha, liking/hating radiohead randomly, marijuana, married to the sea, movie-3d, music, music theory, nudity, numbers stations, oontz, philosophy, photography, pink floyd, poetry, pronouncing umlauts, psychology, raves, retro 90's houses, riding my bike, salvia divinorum, sex, sexy commando, sexy losers, shiny things, shligenmeister, shlößenhausen, shmermel the ethnic mermel, shooting the shit literally, shrooms, skiing, sleep, smoking with daddy warbucks, staring at the clouds, starry nights, surrealism, sushi, synaesthesia, synths, the mars volta, thinking, vocoders, women, zombie midgets with tuberculosis,